We believe that we must do all we can to protect our health and our life. That is why our juices are organic and naturally filled with immune boosting nutritious ingredients. 

Pure Ginger for You was started by Beauclarc Thomas, a Liberian American and practicing architectural professional in MN. An immigrant from Liberia, Beauclarc has a story.

"When I arrived in the USA and reunited  

with my family, we had just escaped a decade

of brutal civil war in Liberia. Due to scarcity,

the nutritional value of food was not considered,

therefore when we immigrated,

we ate everything as we had nothing to eat during the unrest".

After years of indulging in cheap and unhealthy food options, Beauclarc found a new passion in a more active lifestyle - Martial arts.

"But my weight was an issue, and my doctor warned me about the numerous health-related consequences of being overweight. My diet also affected my fitness levels, leaving me fatigued during martial arts training. These experiences showed me that I needed to make a change for myself, my family and greater community.”

So in 2020, Pure Ginger For You was created as way to ensure Minnesotans have access to affordable, fresh and organic juices and beverages.

The goal of PGFY is to produce locally-sourced cold press juices without the use of additives, preservatives, or HPP.

Our partnership with local farmers and Co-ops is a priority as we will not include any fruit or vegetable that is non-organic. 

So, thank you for reading a little about our company. We are always here to serve and deliver fresh organic juices to you, straight from our kitchen to your doorsteps.